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2014/12/12 8:42:10

  True Man Strives Against the Difficulties– JNEN 2015 New Product Promotion

  Since its establishment, JIAJIA JUNENG Motorcycle has been developing along with the industry and laid a solid foundation through its tough journey. The continuous sales decline in the industry this year has made most motorcycle manufacturers become conservative during market observation. JNEN, unlike its counterparts, has adopted aggressive strategies to fight for more market shares. In-depth industry studies show that, most of the enterprises that have become conservative are not enjoying unique advantages, while most aggressive enterprises have taken the route of differentiation. With a vision of and following closely the industrial and market trends, JNEN established a new plant in the Taizhou Binhai Industrial Park. The manufacturer, along with its dealers, are making sufficient preparations and advancing with caution to build up visible and in-visible strengths of JNEN.

  Be it that the times produce their heroeshe-roes create the times, JNEN’s presence in Taizhou with its new products has brought about dealers’ ambition of success.At the conference, JNEN analyzed the industrial situation home and abroad, and summarized its own weaknesses during the 14 years’ development. After successful level-1 catalog bulletin application, it has launched several upgraded and new models. Furthermore, as its internal systematic management develops and massive efforts are invested in product development and quality control, it is expected to stride a large step forward in 2015.

  To cater to market demands, JNEN has launched various new models with high cost-effectiveness. During this conference, it introduced various models including JET-MAX, PMA, BIAOHU, FILEO, M3, M5, R7, R8, fexible and stylish three-wheelers, and upgraded M3.

  After products introduction, representatives of dealers made speeches on the connections among JNEN, dealers, and consumers under the subjects of “Work With JNEN for Future Prosperity”, “Joint Efforts from Manufacturer and Dealers for Mutual Benefts”, and “Service-Driven Sales.”Following the touching speeches, General JNEN Manager Wang Zhenji addressed the audience under the subject of “Endeavor to Achieve Sustainable Development of JNEN Technology.” In addition to maintaining the stability of its existing network, JNEN will further extent its network coverage in 2015. It will continuously adjust the product portfolio based on market demands, provide full support to dealers, and work with all interested parties to implement the 15-year plan to meet enterprise objectives.
  At the end of the conference, JNEN Chairman Wang Zhenyu made a concluding speech. He noted that, industry development is still facing many uncertainties and JNEN still has a lot of work to do in pursuing its mission. It can gather strength during severe competition and leverage its poten-tial to achieve differentiation only with a modest and prudent attitude, hard work, and good leadership.

  Numerous facts have shown that the mature motorcycle market requires no exaggerationboast, but quality products and a spirit of in-depth market exploration. JNEN is enjoying advantages in both time and location. It owes its success today to the joint efforts of its dealers, suppliers, and employees across China.


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