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New JNEN on the way:
2014/8/10 8:38:21

       As market grows, product quality and production capacity is required more and more. JNEN invests a lot of money to build a new factory with the 50000 square meter area and advanced technological equipments. The new factory is in operation from Oct.12th,2013. The whole JNEN family is very excited to move the new home.

       New JNEN mainly consists of two parts: 1. Office building 2. Production building. The production building is divided into five  areas as below:

       1.gasoline engine factory with 2 assembling line;2.vehicle assembling factory with 3 assembling line;3.rear box factory with 2 advanced automatic production line;4.painting factory with many isolated painting rooms;  5.warehouse including raw material house,completed products house etc.

       JNEN also offers a new comfortable dormitory and a new dining hall with delicious food and clean environment. The area around all the buildings covers with green, which makes JNEN look like a beautiful park.                             

       We believe that all of these will contribute to the development of new JNEN and make JNEN be a more modern and beautiful company in the future.


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